Microinvest  Warehouse Pro is a flexible and powerful POS system for management of your business back officecovering areas from warehouse availabilities to sales tracking and monitoring of operating cash flows. The software product is capable of handling a wide variety of business models and processes related to the management of production and commercial activitities of companies.

The requirement for universality of the Microinvest  Warehouse Pro  application led to the creation of additional modules – Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light - Retail and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light - Restaurant.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro product is designed to streamline business processes that include operating with many products and clients such as restaurants, storefronts with one or multiple locations, bars and warehousing and inventory storing facilities. The application offers the following benefits for clients:

  • An intuitive and highly user-friendly solution;

  • No IT knowledge needed;

  • Work in client-server regime + replication of data;

  • See-through processes and higher profitability;

  • Centralized management and automation of core activities;

  • Operational control over all processes and user actions;

  • Possibilities to generate management reports, invoices or purchase orders in real time;

  • Customer and supplier information management automation;

  • Generic hardware requirements: compatible with every Windows version;

  • Standard and internet access to the operations;

  • Data import from MS Excel;

  • Work with different data bases - Microsoft Access, MSDE, MySQL Server, Oracle;

  • Available different visual styles for generating reports.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro supports working with remote sites in real time. See the figure at work here.

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